COVID-19 is an airborne virus.
Due to COVID-19 it is safer not to sell sex. ​

If you are selling sex, where possible:

Avoid the customers face anywhere on you (kissing, oral, rimming)

This is the most important piece of advice

Clean or sanitise your hands and face before and after every job

Carry hand sanitiser, antiseptic wipes, mouthwash and condoms

Try not to see any customers who have fever, cough, cold or shortness of breath

Avoid the customer’s face throughout
 (sex from behind is recommended to lower COVID risk but not recommended for physical safety)

If you do get into a car, try to have the windows down as much as possible, avoid using the air con

Outside in fresh air is safer than in a car

If you are giving a hand job do it from behind to stay away from their face

Keep contact to less than 15 minutes if you are face to face or within 2 metres

Carry a soft bag for your knees so you can do oral while the customer stands

Try to shower frequently, change, then wash your clothes when you have finished working.

Gardaí cannot arrest you for street sex work. BUT during COVID-19 restrictions, Gardaí had extra powers and could ask you to move on. If you refused, they may have arrested you. COVID-19 restrictions have now been lifted, they no longer have these powers.

Any form of contact with anyone could potentially transmit COVID-19. The only way to avoid contact with COVID-19 is to stay indoors and not work.

For peer support and outreach contact the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland via text/WhatsApp/email on 085 824 9305 or outreach@swai.eu

For free condoms posted out to you in a plain bag, email the Sexual Health Centre info@sexualhealthcentre.com, and request The Bag – full discretion, no questions asked and this will be posted free of charge. You can also complete a form or use the ChatBot on www.sexualhealthcentre.com
If you need someone to talk to or are unsure about what supports are available for you, please contact Billie from GOSHH via text/WhatsApp/email 087 219 2848 or